Mama Jones

My Guide to Love and Romance

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Reality TV Star, Mama Jones, Gives advice on Love and Romance

Just when you thought it was safe Mama Jones, the Reality TV Star, strikes with her self-styled brand of realness in Mama Jones: My Guide to Love and Romance. She skillfully blends both humor and old school wisdom to teach the masses how to love. The self proclaimed Realest Bitch holds back no punches when she expressing he views, which are non-traditional, to say the least. Her insight on male/female relationships rivals those who claim to be experts in the field. Because she is so real, she cuts straight to the chase when giving advice on Love and Romance.

That is what makes her guidance so powerful. She compels you to see life through her lenses. Her goal is to inject the world with Mama Jones dose of reality, restoring the balance in how people interact with one another. She addresses the young men and women of the generation profoundly, challenging the, to embrace each other in a more affectionate manner.

Mama Jones: Her Guide to Love and Romance is not just about relationships, its also a spiritual manual. She is God-fearing woman, and her chief philosophy is God is love. This book will make you laugh and cry while enlightening the mind, body. heart and soul.

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