It's All About Me...Of Course

Nancy "Mama" Jones is a mother, businesswoman, youth advocate and

     Anyone who meets Mama Jones immediately recognizes that she is an unapologetic optimist, and a woman whose passion for her family and success is stamped on every page of her life. Born in Manhattan, NY and raised between the sandy beaches of Aruba and the streets of Harlem, this inspiring "real" woman has faced many challenges as a mother of six successful girls and mega rap star son Jim Jones to make it to where she is today. Mama Jones was inspired by the world of fashion since she was a child. As a young adult, with having born her first child, Joseph "Jim" Jones, she attended and graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with dreams of starting her own clothing line some day.  And that's just what Mama Jones did.

     In the early 2000’s her first clothing line Gettoe Momz and Gettoe Paz was born and it featured haute couture denim pieces for men, women and children. It became a popular underground fashion success. With costume pieces seen on Remy Ma and many others she instantly began to be apart of many tri-state fashion shows. Shortly after, with the help from her celebrity son, Jim Jones, Mama Jones secured and financed her first national manufactured clothing line, Nostic. Nostic  became an instant success in retail department stores across America and appeared in music videos, celebrities, print ads, and magazines (Complex, The Source, Spanglish, and XXL).

     She later took a break from the fashion industry to fully focus on her community. She started Sally Family Daycare shortly after she had launched her haute couture line in the early 2000's. The daycare grew from 5 kids to about 30 kids over the years as her fame grew she no longer was able to maintain her daycare in the South Bronx. Jim Jones later moved her bigger home in New
Jersey where shes' been since. Mama Jones plans on opening another center at an even larger scale for kids, teenagers and young adults in the NYC and NJ area. Currently, she has dedicated her charitable time to local NJ organizations that help create greater opportunities and spaces for women and children.

     However, the ball doesn't stop with Mama Jones. With 2 songs, an alcholic spritzer line(coming soon), perfume, cologne (coming soon), and 2 relationship advice books who knows what Mama Jones will take on next!